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Flower Boom! Superior Plant Food 2kg

Flower Boom! Superior Plant Food is a high potash feed to grow superb flowers, fruit and vegetables throughout the garden. We believe flower boom is the best feed for flowers, fruits and vegetables. It can be used when preparing new or established hanging baskets, tubs, pots and flower beds throughout the growing season. Apply as recommended to achieve maximum results and be the envy of the street.

Gardeners Friend with Onyx 2kg

Gardeners Friend Multipurpose Fertiliser contains three major ingredients for balanced plant growth throughout the garden. Gardeners friend can be used when preparing a new flower bed and throughout the growing season. It can be used when preparing a new lawn and as an ongoing lawn feed throughout the growing season. Gardeners friend now contains Onyx, giving these benefits:

Plant-based organic matter

Smells much nicer than other organic fertilisers

Rich in amino acids and sugars

Healthier soil

Healthier plants

Improved nutrient uptake

Green Grass & Black Moss Anytime You Want It! 3.5kg

A granular soil conditioner and fertiliser used to green up and harden the turf whilist blackening moss. This can be used all year round giving you results anytime you want it!

Ice and Snow Melt - Non Staining 5kg

Ice and Snow Melt - Non Staining is a fast acting, non corrosive and non staining ice and snow eliminator. It will not corrode metal or stain surfaces outside or when walked inside. Keeping your paths and driveways clear with ease in temperatures exceeding -11°C. Don't let snow and ice slow you down this winter.

No salt means it can be used next to vegetation without harm. Children and pets are safe to walk across treated areas.

Spray Your Dogz Pee Patch Green 500ml

Spray Your Dogz Pee Patch Green is a cosmetic quick fix to cover over your dogs urine burn patches until the high nitrogen levels have neutralised, allowing the grass to recover. This can also be used to mask lawn disease and small patches of moss.

The Lawn Helper - Original 250ml

Sometimes a lawn needs that little bit of extra help to look in top condition. The Lawn Helper will bring out the very best from your lawn, making it look first class in no time! The Lawn Helper includes organic chemicals or micro-organisms to help lawns cope with various stress factors like drought, excessive heat, low soil fertility and more. This product is best used along with fertiliser feeds.

Benefits from

The Lawn Helper-Original

-Efficient nutrient uptake

-Drought resistance

-Soil improvement

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