Sometimes a lawn needs that little bit of extra help to look in top condition.  The Lawn Helper will bring out the very best from your lawn, making it look first class in no time!  The Lawn Helper includes organic chemicals or micro-organisms to help lawns cope with various stress factors like drought, excessive heat, low soil fertility and more.  This product is best used along with fertiliser feeds.

Benefits from

The Lawn Helper-Green Energy

-Efficient nutrient uptake

-Drought resistance

-Soil improvement

+Enhanced green up

+Energy production

The Lawn Helper - Green Energy 250ml

SKU: LH115
  • March through to October

  • 100m²

Green Frog Landscaping® Gardening Products established to provide evolving garden products, using leading garden care knowledge from around the world.  Our garden and lawn fertiliser, plant feed and ice melt products contain quality ingredients to help your garden achieve its peak month by month, year by year.  Our impressive range of products manufactured in Britain is sure to put a smile on you and your plants!


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