Its time to plant up summertime hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a great, easy on the pocket way to brighten up your outdoor space or entrance for summertime guests. You don't have to have a huge space for this type of gardening just a hook to attach them on to. Baskets are available in a wide range of styles. Still popular are your traditional wicker or fleece lined basket, but ceramic and gloss ceramic are becoming more popular. If I could give you a tip, go for the biggest your space and budget will allow. Hanging baskets take a lot of watering through long hot, dry spells the more compost they can hold the easier your work load is. Follow these four steps to great baskets year on year: Lining. Make sure to buy a lining that fills y

Give your lawn a smoothie?

Lawn assistants know as bio stimulants have been available to the sports turf and farming industry for years. Now you can have the benefits the professional industry have been receiving by using The Lawn Helper range. 10 different products to assist in your quest for the perfect lawn. How does it work? Your lawn is probably the hardiest part of your garden able to cope with almost all our UK climate has to offer. However, lawns are easily effected by stress which for grass is caused by everything! Even applying fertiliser stresses a lawn out! The Lawn Helper uses micro nutrients which condition the soil thus enhancing a natural processes to increase nutritional uptake, resulting in a healthy

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