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Is spring your favourite time of year?

Everything is greening up with that fresh zinging green that only new shoots bring. When nothing has aged or damaged leaves, everything is... well, perfect! As we sit back and relax in the first warm days of the year our mind turns towards jobs to do in the garden. You stare at the dead growth on your herbaceous perennials and think 'I should really cut them.' You look at your empty hanging baskets planning what to put in them season to season. Your eyes are caught by fresh slightly uneven growth on your lawn and then you remember you should have serviced your lawn mower! Yes spring is a wonderful time of the year.

What perfect timing we have! We have been developing new products and a new easy to use website which is now up and running. So why not take a look and plan spring the right way using quality fertiliser products to bring out the best in your flowers/vegetables and lawn from spring right through to winter. We hope you enjoy using!!

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